Your alma mater is a wonderful place. It's where you encountered the excitement of big ideas unfolding all around you. And it's where you made friends and memories for life. Since leaving the University of Wisconsin–Madison, you've learned another thing or two about what's wonderful in life. You can't hoard it. Because wonderful is better when you share it. And you can't take it for granted. Ever. Wonderful: It sums up everything you love about the University of Wisconsin–Madison and everything you want future generations to experience. When you give to the University of Wisconsin–Madison Annual Campaign, you share the wonderful.
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Impact on the University

$50 can provide a required textbook for a student in need.

$250 can provide career preparation training for undergraduate students.

$100 can help a student organization offer leadership opportunities for undergraduate students.

$1,000 can provide a grant to a student entrepreneur to help bring an idea to market.

$300 can provide career training and materials for an undergraduate student.

$500 can support a student with a need-based tuition scholarship.

$1,000 can provide a grant to a student entrepreneur to help bring an idea to market.

$2,500 can improve access and reach of UW classes by adapting a traditional classroom curriculum into to a blended learning offering.

$5,000 can provide a research grant to retain a key faculty member.